Interclub Overview

The focus of the Interclub program is to build strength and flexibility while learning basic gymnastics skills. It is a 10 month program from September - June. Gymnasts are grouped by age Pre Interclub 6-8yrs, Juniors 9-12yrs and Seniors 13-17yrs. Each group has a minimum and maximum set of hours that they are required to train. PreInterclub athletes train 4 hrs a week, Junior athletes train a minimum of 5 hrs a week or a maximum of 7.5 hrs a week and Senior athletes train a minimum of 6hrs a week.

The B.C. Interclub Program is performance based and is meant to focus on the opportunity to perform rather than the content of the routine. Athletes are given creative license in routine development and performances. Athletes will have the opportunity to showcase their personal ability without the pressure of being ranked or having scores displayed in competition events throughout the year.

PreInterclub athletes are required to attend one competition annually in the month of June. Junior athletes are required to attend 2 competitions annually. Senior athletes are required to attend 3 competitions throughout the year including our in house competition; The North Shore Invitational. 

Entry into the Flicka Gymnastics Interclub program is by assessment and invitation only in June or September of each year.