Board of Directors Announcement

Flicka Gymnastics Club held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 27th, June and the following members were elected to join the the Board of Directors:

  • Jennefer Andrusco-Daon
  • Nicole Turcotte
  • Cathy Hill
  • Alison Taylor
  • Scott Morgan
  • Laura Proulx
  • Niamh Pollak
  • Zoe Burton

The newly elected directors join Erin Carvell on the board who is completing the 2nd year of a two year term.  The directors will determine who will fill specific roles at their first meeting on July 20th, 2017

The club would like to exetend its sincere appreciation to Julie Pivora, Trish Fryer, and Shannon Dowling for their efforts over the past year. 

Members can email the board using


Keith Ryan
Executive Director