Pre-School Classes

Exciting Explorers

Walking - 2 yrs old

Exciting Explorers is designed as an introduction for toddlers and parents to a gymnastics setting. The instructor will lead the group through circle time, games and gymnastics circuits in the gym. This class will include a focus on physical literacy, gross motor development, and fine motor development. The children will also learn basic locomotion, and gymnastics skills.

Class duration: 30 mins

Joyful Jumpers

2-3 yrs old

This class is for children and parents to come explore the gym at a faster pace than Exciting Explores. Children will be lead through a circle time, skill of the day, and gymnastics circuits. The locomotion and gymnastics skills being learned will be slightly more challenging then that learned in Exciting Explorers.

Class duration: 30 mins

Tumbling Twos

2 yrs old

Tumbling Twos is designed for two year old's who are exceptional listeners and are comfortable and confident to attend a class on their own. The class will focus on basic class structure including; lining up, taking turns, following circuits and taking directions. The end goal is for the child to begin learning the basics of gymnastics.

Class duration: 30 mins

Thrilling Threes

3 yrs old

Thrilling Threes is a beginner class for 3 year old's. Athletes will start to walk on the high beam, hold themselves above the bar, and learn basic gymnastics shapes. They will learn forward rolls, teeter totters and how to land and fall safely. This class will encourage skills such as lining up, taking turns, following circuits and taking directions.

Class duration: 45 mins

Fabulous Fours

4 yrs old

Fabulous Fours is a four year old class. Athletes will learn more complex gymnastics shapes, and locomotions. They will begin to learn how to cartwheel, roll backwards, and swing on the bar. Athletes will learn how to combine skills and will gain a better understanding of body control and coordination, as well as developing strength with age appropriate conditioning exercisers. This class will continue to develop skills such as lining up, taking turns, following circuits and taking directions.

Class duration: 55 mins

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