Competitive Coaches

Dorina Stan

WAG Head Coach

Dorina began coaching at Flicka Gymnastics in 2002.  Orginally from Romania, Dorina graduated from the National Academy of Sport in Bucharest.  Dorina has coached national team members in 3 different countries, Romania, Israel and Canada.  


In 2011, Dorina received the Charter Professional Coach from Coaches of Canada. Dorina has twice been named Team BC Manager and Coach for the Canada Winter Games in 2011 and 2014. Some highlights of her career include her contribution at the 2012 Olympic qualifications and Olympic Games.  Dorina has been awarded the Sev Heirberg, National Stream Coach of the year award in borth 2013 and 2014.  Also in 2014, Dorina was awarded the Chuck Sebestysn Women’s Artisic Gymnastics Coach of the GCG (Gymnastics Canada).

Jenny Chew

WAG Competitive Coach

Samantha Fourchalk

WAG Competitive Coach

Anna Marshall

WAG Competitive Coach

Michael Mitruk

MAG Competitive & Recreation Coach

Bailee Nadin

WAG Competitive Coach

Irina Orlova

WAG Competitive Coach

Talya Pollak

WAG Competitive Coach

Kamryn Postill

WAG Competitive Coach

Hamid Saghafi

MAG Competitive Coach

Jennifer Vandespyker

WAG Competitive Coach

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Interclub & Recreation  Coaches

Holly Morgan

Interclub Head Coach

Holly has been coaching at Flicka for ten years and has been involved in the Interclub Program for the last four years. Holly enjoys coaching because she is passionate about motivating and inspiring others, as well as encouraging students to take to their interests and expand their abilities.

Holly is a certified level 2 Artistic and Trampoline coach. Along with her many certifications, she just recently graduated from Douglas College with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education & Coaching, specializing in Kinesiology. Holly has applied to UBC in hopes of becoming a High School Physical Education teacher. She plans to continue coaching in the Interclub program for many years alongside teaching. In developing the program into what it is today, Holly looks forward to a bright future for the Flicka Interclub Team. 

Alessia Macri

Interclub Coach

Cassia Kobayashi

Interclub & Recreation Coach

Tanya Morrow

Recreation, Preschool and Ninja Coach

Iiona Rawson

Recreation and Preschool Coach

Atrin Saghafi

Recreation Coach

Christina Sgourakis

Recreation and Preschool Coach

Jasmine Ford

Recreation and Preschool Coach

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