We are offering two Beginner Girls Classes as part of our new Team Gymnastics program. This program teaches the same skills as the session classes with the same levels described (and those below) but allows parents to register in a 10-month program rather than register separately in each session. Participants train once per week at the same time and day through the duration of the program.


The program is designed so that participants can have consistent, long-term skill development with the same coach. The team program model provides participants with a regular group of friends to practice with each week. For parents, it eliminates having to register for each session, the possibility of being waitlisted, and it helps you plan your schedule.

  • Team program: 85 minutes, once a week.

  • The program for this year will run from 5:15pm - 6:45pm on a Monday afternoon and 3:30pm - 4:55pm on Thursday afternoon.

  • Gymnasts will be sorted into groups based on both level (see below) and age (to the best of our ability)

  • Team program gymnasts must read and sign the Gymnast Code of Conduct set out by the coaching staff.

Sign me up! How do I register?

  • Click on the link below to register, please ensure you register in the BEGINNER TEAM GYM class

  • Please remember the colours described below are not separate classes. They are simply describing what the children will learn in each level

  • The children will be grouped according to level and age when they arrive 

Beginner Team Gym Class (no experience required)


These colours will teach your child the basic building blocks of gymnastics with a focus on quality and fun. This class does not require any previous knowledge.

Skills your child will be working to achieve and perfect in this class are:

Vault: Safe landings, running, jumping on springboards, Bars: Grip and arm strength, swinging and rolls around the bars, Beams: Walking, turning and jumping, Floor: Forwards and backward rolls, Cartwheels


6-12 years


85 minutes


These colours will build on the previous skill level whilst still maintaining a focus on quality and fun. This class requires children to have previously mastered (in a gymnastics setting) the following skills prior to booking in: Cartwheel, forward roll, backward roll down a slope, bridge (backbend) on the floor, rolling on the bars (backwards and forwards), swinging on the bars, jumping on the beam.


6-12 years


85 minutes

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