Competitive Program - MAG (Mens Artistic Gymnastics)

Our Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Program is one of the biggest in Canada, and it trains boys for three levels of competition: Provincial, National and Elite. Each athlete is encouraged to compete at the level that’s a fit for their ability, commitment and age.

Our youngest members are in a 10-month, non-competitive program. They ease into the training routine with 2-hour sessions, twice a week.

Once our gymnasts get to Grade 2 and up, they train with us 3 or more times per week in a year-round program. They devote 9 to 24 hours to training each week, depending on their degree of commitment and competition goals. Indeed, once our gymnasts become interested in succeeding in competition, we suggest a minimum of 3 to 4 days training per week.

We place our athletes in training groups according to their age, ability, number of days committed to training per week, and their competitive goals. These goals are set in consultation with their coaches and the options open to them at their age.

Competitions: Provincial level competitions are governed by Gymnastics BC. These competitions are a good fit for new competitors and gymnasts who want to train for fewer hours.

National and Elite competitions are governed by Gymnastics Canada and they provide opportunities for interprovincial and international competition. Gymnasts who compete at this level train for many hours and have a high skill level. Their goals may include joining Team Canada!

Who is this program for? Boys with a strong work ethic who enjoy competing, want to develop high-level gymnastics skills, and who are committed to training three times a week or more. The MAG Program is by invitation or assessment only.

How do I register? Programs run from September to June (10 mos) and year-round, depending on age and competitive level. Admittance into the program is generally for a summer or September start. Please contact the office for more information.

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