Previously named Fusion, the new "Ninja classes" combine aspects of gymnastics, parkour, stunt and martial arts to create an action-packed experience that provides students with the opportunity to develop both physical and social abilities. Students will be encouraged to assess and manage risks with Ninja coaches employing a self-paced teaching style. Safety is paramount, with students being exposed to a variety of Ukemi (falling) techniques which can be used in real life situations. Alongside traditional gymnastics and parkour skills, students will receive instruction in the use of swords to choreograph and present individual and group fight performances.

Class structure:

  • High energy warm up games

  • Ninja virtue discussion – learning what it means to be a modern-day ninja

  • Parkour – moving from A to B as efficiently as possible. Students are taught to traverse obstacles safely and confidently.

  • Strength – be strong, to be useful. Students are shown the value of a strong body through bodyweight exercises and challenges.

  • Ninja Swords – students learn not to fight but how to make it appear like they are fighting, just like in the movies.

  • Flicka Ninja classes are perfect for the videogame loving, physical activity avoiding child as well as the always climbing, high energy child. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to fully experience all that their body is capable of.

Skill Level:

All skill levels are welcome in all classes. Ninja coaches possess the expertise to be able to progress and regress drills to suit the needs of your child. At Flicka we understand that not all Ninjas will join our classes to learn high-level physical skills and that FUNdamental and social development is just as important.

Junior Ninja


5 - 7years


55 minutes

Intermediate Ninja


8 - 10 years


85 minutes

Senior Ninja


10 - 14 years


85 minutes

Flicka Gymnastics Club

123 East 23rd Street

North Vancouver

British Columbia, V7L 3E2




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