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Practice Language

Experts from homework help web site suggest to force yourself to practice with a native speaker!

I used to live a few months in some Caribbean islands. At this time, I didn't speak English fluently. When I was in Saint-Lucia and Dominica, I had the option to communicate in Creole with the natives since I am fluent in Creole because in Saint-Lucia and Dominica they speak English and Creole. When I was in St- Marteen, I was in the French territory so I spoke French. But when I was in Barbados ... well, I didn't have any other options. In Barbados, they don't speak French and Creole but only English.

There is an expression in Italian: Quando l'acqua tocca il culo, tutti imparano a nuotare. The translation is: When water hits your behind, you learn to swim.

My only alternative in Barbados was to force myself to speak English. By interacting with the people, I started to improve very fast. It was so amazing. I was scared at the beginning ... but I became more comfortable because my self-confidence increased by practicing. Don't let's fear holds you back!

My and homework answers service advice is you should force yourself to talk with natives of the language you want to learn. The brain is lazy, it will pick the easiest way, it will tell you to always speak your native language if you have that option ... But you are not going to improve that way.

You need to practice. If you want to learn Spanish and you have co-workers, friends or relatives who are native Spanish, tell them your desire to learn this language (they will be more patient with you) and try a conversation in Spanish with them. Even it's a few sentences per day ... Force yourself to do it!

Where is a good place to meet foreigners to practice language online?

I study Japanese and Tagalog, and although I have friends here, they aren't always available.I have a web cam, mabey I can use yahoo messenger? But even then how do I go about finding people to web cam and practice with? In exchange for mabey helping with their English? Are there certain Chat rooms or programming homework help available for this? Any recommendations?

Hello! can you help me? I would like swap emails in english for practice language. I'm brasilian.?

i'm brasilian. I can teach you portuguese. if you want.

Good site for practice language?

I am looking for site, like ''Shared Talk'' rosetta's stone , but different site, for practice language in communal environment, in internet please.

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