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Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what level will my son or daughter compete?

You will generally find out during the fall. Sometimes a child will move to a different level later in the year, as they learn new skills. The coaches will place your child in the level that best suits his or her skill level. Coaches have final decisions on gymnast's placements.

2. When are the competitions?

Competitions usually take place from January to June and are generally on the weekend. A tentative schedule will be posted to the website and in the gym by Christmas. The coaches will decide which athletes will be invited to each meet, based on the athletes' skills and the meet levels. Coaches will be informing the office who will be competing at each meet and the office will withdraw the meet fee out of your meet fee holding account.

3. If I need a new uniform, who do I contact? 

Uniform ordering occurs in the late summer or early fall. If you need a new uniform outside of this time, you can send a email to or phone the office at 604-985-7918.

4. What is expected from the parents of competitive athletes? 

All parents of competitive athletes are expected to volunteer a certain number of hours to help the club. In addition, we expect help from parents to fund raise for different projects. For further information about the volunteer expectations, please refer to the Flicka Handbook.

5. What is the cost associated with Competitive?

The cost varies depending on the level and number of hours your athlete trains. Please contact the office for more information at or 604-985-7918.

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