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Please note that a valid membership is required for all Open Gym sessions. This is a yearly $55 fee ($42 is paid to GBC + $13 programming fee) that is valid from date of purchase until Aug 31st 2023. Membership must be purchased at time of new registration for the active year.

If you have a membership from another club, it is your responsibility to provide proof of this.

What is Open Gym?

Open gym is run in different sessions for different age groups and is subject to change depending on coach availability and gym space. It is supervised by qualified coaches.

Open Gym is not a structured class. Coaches are there to supervise. You may ask them questions and they may VERBALLY help you with a skill.

Why should I come to drop in?

  • Open gym is a great opportunity for everyone! The possibilities are endless... 

  • You can bring your baby in to explore the gym and have free use of all the equipment plus there's spongy matting for them to fall onto!

  • Adult and teen drop in can be a great benefit for cross training for other sports, general fitness or just a play!

What are the rules?

  • A parent or guardian MUST be in the gym supervising children aged 0-6years old within arms length at all times. Parents are NOT permitted to use the equipment while supervising their child(ren).

  • Flicka competitive athletes are NOT permitted to attend drop-ins

  • The nitty gritty rules will be posted in the gym to read upon entry so you don't forget and there will also be coaches there to remind you.

  • Trampoline use is not permitted during open gym.

How much does it cost?

Under 1 years - FREE  1 hour (parent participation/supervision required)

1 - 4 years - $5.00  1 hour (parent participation/supervision required)

5 - 12 years - $9.00  1 hour

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