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Pre-Competitive Program

The pre-competitive program is a developmental program designed to enhance physical and psychological qualities and teach correct developmental skills in a challenging yet enjoyable environment.


Girls from age 5 are assessed and selected for invitation to this program, based on ability, desire, and the potential to pursue gymnastics as a competitive sport. Recommendations to be assessed may come from other programs within the club.

The pre-competitive program is not necessarily a continuation of the Preschool or the Recreational Program. The gymnast entering the pre-competitive program and their family must understand that they have been selected to a select group and must commit to attend all training sessions in the hope of becoming a competitive gymnast. Selection into this program is the sole responsibility of the Head Coaches.​

Once selected into the pre-competitive or competitive programs, the gymnasts are divided into groups based on such factors as skill level, potential, general training attitude and attendance record. Flicka will make an effort to keep training aspects to a set schedule, but unforeseen circumstances or departures from the Program may result in a schedule or group change.

Every gymnast is carefully placed in a group where, in the opinion of the coaching staff, she/he will be challenged within the group without feeling overwhelmed, and will best progress to attain success in her/his assigned competitive level. Full care is always taken to ensure that the qualifications of the assigned coach are consistent with the gymnast's level and abilities.


The placement of gymnasts in the respective training groups is the sole responsibility of the Head Coaches.

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