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Get to Know Our Fun-loving Recreational Coaches

Our recreational coaches are the heart and soul of our program, and they bring boundless enthusiasm to every practice. Their primary goal is to make learning fun and inspire a lifelong love for sports. Our friendly and supportive coaches create an inclusive and nurturing environment, ensuring every child can enjoy the exciting world of gymnastics. 

photo_2023-10-01_20-46-18 - hamid saghafi_edited.jpg

Coach Hamid


Coach Ashley

IMG_5377 - Shore Media_edited.jpg

Coach Brandon


Coach Christina

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 1.25_edited.jpg

Coach Morgan


Coach Leanne

IMG_0481 - Katelyn Ou_edited.jpg

Coach Katelyn

CF75533C-AB3F-4275-B31C-600686CE8251 - Maria Karpova_edited.jpg

Coach Maria

IMG_7689 - Charlie BH_edited.jpg

 Coach Charlie

IMG_7823 - Myla Villanueva_edited.jpg

Coach Myla


Coach Maryam


Coach Julia

Meet Me

IMG_7702 - Julianne Glowacki_edited.jpg

Coach Julianne

IMG_0979 - Christina Hall_edited.jpg

Coach Christina

IMG_8373 - Tanya Morrow_edited.jpg

Coach Tanya

53027891-FDFE-4F42-AF7F-2852930FDC9A - Simone Soucie Degrazio_edited.jpg

Coach Simone

5EE5D6A7-DF04-4D62-A738-D9592B1779CE - L

Coach Lucas

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-01 at 09_edited.j

Coach Adi


Coach Avery

Meet Avery

IMG_2629 - sokholy_edited.jpg

Coach Soheil

Recreational Gymnastics

Flicka Gymnastics Club was founded in 1962 by 1960 Olympian, Louise Hemingway and her husband John and has been providing superior gymnastics instruction to athletes of all ages since. Since then the club has grown from 2 gymnasts to almost 2,000 and in 2012 – the same year that our own Brittany Rogers, along with her Olympic team members, achieved the best results for Canadian women in the history of gymnastics. – Flicka celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Currently located in the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre, we offer Kindergym, Recreational, Special Needs and Competitive programs and has given gymnastics a high profile in the local community, BC and Canada.

Our goal is to enable every gymnast to attain a realistic and achievable level of personal success in order to promote self confidence and a lasting enjoyment of the sport of gymnastics.

We inspire its gymnasts to be the best that they can be and to meet their personal goals and commitments.

At Flicka Gymnastics Club, we consider the child as a whole first and foremost. Our goal is for each athlete to learn confidence, discipline, strength, and perseverance and most of all, to be proud of their accomplishments.

GBC/FGC yearly membership is required for all participants!

How to prepare for our classes?

  1. A bottle of water

  2. Girls: tight shorts/leggings and tight shirt/tank top (sports bra without shirt is not allowed), barefoot.

  3. Boys: shorts and T-shirt, barefoot.

  4. Long hair must be tightly tide up to avoid touching face, and fixing hair.

  5. NO JEWELLERY, other than stud earrings.

  6. Drop-off and Pick-up for classes are outside the facility from East 22nd street in the alleyway between Harry Jerome and the construction site.

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