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About the Xcel Program

In 2020, BC adopted the USA Gymnastics Xcel program to bridge the gap between the GBC (Gym BC) Interclub and the Competitive Program. Flicka does not offer an Interclub program at this time. 


Xcel athletes may compete in BC under the Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. (The highest level, Diamond is under current review and consideration by the Federation). Skills are put together into a routine format and performed in front of a panel of judges at various meets. Most meets are local, within the Lower Mainland but a club may choose to participate in away meets such as Vancouver Island or the Okanagan. There is a minimum requirement for competition attendance for athletes enrolled in Xcel. Execution deductions, apparatus deductions and fault deductions apply. Athletes encouraged and rewarded for performing skills correctly with minimum faults. In most cases a routine with more basic skills can score higher than one with higher difficulty. The Xcel program works with a structured code and in each level there are a list of requirements necessary to compete as well as restricted elements in each level. It is important for athletes to understand that their creative freedom has some limitations within this program.   


Flicka’s Xcel program is by invitation as we have a high demand and limited spots for entry into the program. Parents may make their requests known regarding their interests in the program for their child by emailing Holly the Xcel program Head Coach.


Flicka’s Xcel’s athletes train 4-10 hours per week, depending on their training group placement. Volunteer and fundraising commitments apply. Families must commit to a 10-month program of attendance with mandatory attendance at summer training weeks as well. Regular attendance is required. Strong work ethic on behalf of the athlete is required. Team-wear purchases are necessary to participate in the program. Other fees may apply for routine preparation, training wear, and other team events. 


The Gymnastic BC Xcel program is not meant to be used as a developmental competitive or pre-competitive program.

CCP Canadian Competitive Program (WAG/MAG compulsory routines are not permitted in the Xcel program).


The Xcel program is not to be taken as a progressive or prerequisite program that leads into the CCP-Canadian Competitive Program. Canadian Competitive athletes generally start competing at age 6 and progress through the various levels within that program. A Canadian Competitive athlete is eligible to compete in provincials, Western’s, Winter Games, Nationals etc. provided they qualify. Please be aware, it is extremely unlikely, though not impossible for athletes to be invited from an Xcel program into a Canadian Competitive Program.


An interclub program is also not a prerequisite for the Xcel program. 

All athletes are to be assessed prior to placement within the Xcel program. Athletes are expected to have a drive and passion for gymnastics, a basic understanding of gymnastics skills, body awareness, and coach-ability. Xcel Program tryouts are usually hosted in June or September. If in June, successful athletes are accepted right away and placed into the summer training schedule. In some cases, the Head Coach will ask an athlete to attend a trial training session to further assess the athletes abilities and gymnastic skills. Once accepted, athletes are on a three month probationary training status before they are fully admitted. 


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