Interclub Gymnastics

What is Interclub?

The Interclub program is for athletes who have been selected to train in a more intensive recreational program that allows them to develop their skill set and develop routines to perform at competitions.


What is the difference between Pre-interclub, Junior, and Senior?

The differences between the three categories are skill level, experience, and maturity.  


The main difference, skill level, lies in the athlete’s skill portfolio on each of the four events (vault, bars, beam, and floor). Athletes must be able to perform a certain number of skills in a routine to qualify for each category.  


Experience is also a factor coaches will consider when placing athletes in a category. Experience is measured by the number of years the athlete has done gymnastics and the number of competitions the athlete has participated in.


Age and Maturity are other factors coaches consider in the selection process. The different categories are Pre-Interclub 6-8 years old, Junior 9-12 years old, and Senior 13-17 years old. Coaches will look at the maturity of the athlete before placing them into the appropriate category.

What is the difference between Performance, Performance Plus, and Performance Challenge?

All athletes in the Interclub program will either compete in the Performance, Performance Plus or Performance Challenge categories. Athletes in the Performance category receive positive comments from the judges on their certificates. Athletes who compete in the Performance Plus and Performance Challenge categories are given a score out of 10 by the judges and receive Bronze, Silver, or Gold based on their score out of 10.

How many competitions are offered per year for athletes? How many are mandatory?

Flicka will take athletes to multiple competitions per year. Athletes are encouraged to compete in as many as they can. Parents will be given a list of competitions and their tentative dates in the fall of each season. Athletes are required to participate in a certain amount of competitions per year. Pre-Interclub is required to attend one competition in June, Junior is required to attend two competitions annually, and Senior is required to attend 3 competitions annually, one of which will be the Flicka Invitational hosted by Flicka. 

How many hours a week of training are required for athletes?

Pre-Interclubis required to train 4 hours a week, Junior athletes are required to train a minimum of 5 hours a week or a maximum of 7.5 hours a week. Senior athletes are required to train a minimum of 6 hours a week.

What are the average fees for competitions?

Roughly $90-$100, depending on the competition and host club.

What is Flicka’s makeup policy – in case my child misses a training session?

Flicka has a strict “no make up” policy, which came into effect in January 2016, unless a doctor’s note is provided. This is due to the coach to athlete ratio that must be followed as per Gymnastics Canada and Gymnastics BC requirements. For this reason, we cannot guarantee make-ups for missed training due to personal reasons. Makeup classes are only an option for athletes if they have missed training due to medical conditions or severe sickness. A doctor’s note will not grant you a refund for the missed class(es). A doctor’s note is required in order for a makeup class to be scheduled. Please contact the Head Coach in order to schedule a makeup class.


If an athlete injures themself either at training or outside of training and will need an extended time off from training, a doctor’s note is needed to place the athlete on medical hold. You will not be charged your monthly tuition while your child is on medical hold. You will only be charged once your child returns to training.

Is there a competition suit? What is the cost?

Yes, the competition suit cost ranges from $100-$120. All athletes are required to purchase one to match the rest of the team at the competitions. Body suit sizing is done by the Interclub Coaches and all information is sent out to parents via email in the first few months of the season. 


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