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Interclub BC:


Is designed to expand the scope of participation in Recreational gymnastics in BC.

It provides a training framework and offers opportunities for athletes to attend sanctioned events, at which they perform gymnastics routines to showcase personal ability.


Designed for all levels of recreational gymnasts, Interclub does not require a minimum or maximum skill level to participate.

The program is performance-centered and focus on the opportunity for gymnasts to perform and take pride in personal athletic achievement. Artistic movement is encouraged and there are no sill restrictions, provided the skills are being taught in a safe, progressive manner by a qualified coach. Athletes and coaches have creative license in routine development and performances.


The Gymnastic BC Interclub program is specifically designed for recreational athletes and is not meant to be used as a developmental competitive or pre-competitive program.

CCP Canadian Competitive Program WAG/MAG compulsory routines are not permitted in the interclub program.


What Interclub is not:

The interclub program is not to be taken as a progressive program that leads into an Xcel or CCP Canadian Competitive Program. Canadian Competitive athletes generally start competing at age 6 and progress through various levels. A Canadian Competitive athlete is eligible to compete in provincials, Western’s, Winter Games, Nationals etc provided they qualify. Interclub does not involve competing but is to be taken as a performance showcasing level with a team of athletes that represent the club at events. An interclub program is also not a prerequisite for the Xcel program or competitive.


Flicka’s Interclub is by invitation as we have a high demand and limited spots for entry into the program. Parents may make their requests known regarding their interests in the program for their child. Flicka’s Interclub athletes train 4 hours per week. Volunteer and fundraising commitments apply. Families must commit to a 10-month program of attendance. Regular attendance is required. Strong work ethic on behalf of the athlete is required. Teamwear purchases are necessary to participate in the program. A small fee of $25.00-$30.00 is payable for routine preparation per athlete.


Categories offered: Performance Category


Events: Normally 3-5 performances events scheduled for most clubs. 1 to 2 events may be out of city/province dependent on club’s selection of events.


Awards: Athletes receive a certificate including positive feedback regarding their performances. Athletes receive an award (ribbon or medal) recognizing their overall participation in the event


Special performance awards awarded for outstanding performances on each apparatus:

  • Vault Vigorous Vaulter for Dynamic vault

  • Bars Super Swinger for Amplitude of swings

  • Brilliant Beam for Confidence in skills

  • Beautiful Balance for Artistry of routine

  • Terrific tumbler for amplitude and precision in tumbling skills

  • Dazzling Dancer for artistry of routine

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